Friday 8 May 2009

seriously. MAY.

Its friday!! weekend is coming and if it were any other weekend i would be happy, but since it is pre-exam weekend i am not so happy. It means learning and learning and yes, learning. But tonight i can forget about that,me and my best friend are going to another friends house..and we are taking the prosecco-wine with us!

On another note, its raining here..what exactly doesn't the weather get? its may, MAY PEOPLE, may: springtime, were the sun shines brightly and i can enjoy my marlboro in the garden with flowers and butterfly's around me...wel that little idylle i can forget, because its raining A LOT. And i am sitting behind my computer and i am bored, so bored i decided to make a list of what i really need to buy (clothes-wise of course). Hey? what can a girl else do on a friday afternoon when it is RAINING hard? And no, i will not learn on friday, i refuse to! Cant wait till summer...

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