Wednesday 6 May 2009

lazy week

No oufit posts in a loooong time cause ive been living in my pj's:P after a good week of mayvacation im actually a little happy schools beginning tomorrow, i can wear stuff like jeans again:P and heels instead of sweats and socks!

All jokes aside, my final exams start in a week and half and i am stressing out! Of the 7 exams ive only learned one subject, and not even half of it. Ive been having nightmares and sudden moments of complete fear, you ever had that? I was just sitting in the garden enjoying my marlboro light and icecold icetea with lemon when all of a sudden it hit me: I HAVE EXAMENS IN A WEEK AND I HAVENT DONE SHIT ABOUT IT. I felt really scared! for about a minute or two, and then i realized i need to do something! read a book, make the assignements, do something! so i went to my computer really fast with ten books (5 of them i dont even need) and here i am posting on my blog, suddenly i realize i need another moment of fear or else i am never going to begin learning!!

when will this torture end? when will summer arrive? when will i finally start reading the damn books!

i guess only time can tell.

i leave you with some pictures of cutiepie Lauren Conrad, great clothes (sometimes a bit boring) but always styled to the max.

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  1. I love Lauren's style, she is simply chic, and always has incredible hair and sunglasses! xx