Thursday 22 April 2010

hey jude

Im not sad. Im relieved that its over, it still hurts. Like sometimes i just sit and i think of him and my stomach makes a twist and i feel like i want to cry, but im not gonna cry..hes not worth it. He really wasnt the right person for me, he treated me badly and i didnt really have anything to love HIM for. So a part of me is relieved that its over, another part of me feels so so sad that its over and i wont ever be with him again. I wont ever kiss him again and i wont ever argue with him again. I hope this feeling will go eventually in the next couple of days cause im losing my mind a little now. Just have to bite on my lip and feel it through.

Wednesday 21 April 2010

fresh start clean ways

So after 4 months of constant war and nerve-crusting, my boyfriend and i broke up yesterday. The direct reason was that he went off on a trip with some friends, and didnt invite me to go with him (even though he actually promised ME to go on a trip), so he left without me in the morning and returned the next morning home. (we lived together) i told him that im done. he didnt say anything and left. I feel relieved, i feel fine. Im good. Its gonna hurt a couple of days and than ill ok. Done and Done.

Sunday 18 April 2010

you must not know about me

Its midnight here, and im sitting behind my laptop with a big cup of green tea with lemon (a-mazing!) The silence of the night and the taste of the green tea are just two of my favorite things in the world. Small things like that really make me feel happy. I feel that if we put our negative energy behind us, and focus on the positive things in life, however small they may be, it gets a bit easier. A dutch popular saying really puts my thoughts in a phrase: "the glass is either halffull or halfempty", im gonna make sure mines always halffull! So if you think about it, it doesnt really matter i so desperately need some new black high heels, it doesnt matter my wallet is emptier than empty.., i focus on the good things! oo lala.


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Saturday 17 April 2010


sometimes all you need is a little love.