Monday 4 May 2009

almost ♥

So i got up very early today so i could begin studying right away! ( o god i feel like a nerd) today i am learning history of the dutch, and i hate the subject and i dont understand anything, but thats besides the point, the point is that in two weeks my FINAL exams begin and if everything goes according to plan, ill have my pre-university diploma in a month:D i cant wait! finally walking out of school and beginning my life as a university student (sounds AWESOME). so untill that happens its study-time for me, which means LOTS of coffee and cigarettes, LOTS of unhealthy food and staying up till very unhealthy hours (and waking up VERY VERY early) which is not a perspective that sounds great, but ah, what to do? one day i'll think of these 2 weeks and laugh (i hope) and untill then its all about the books. geek time ! xox


  1. TYPINGDK MIDSTAKKSES are cool. haha. thanks for your comment, come back and visit:)

  2. thanks for coming to my blog a couple of days ago :D i've just realised, how to see comments. a tad bit slow, me.

    i have no idea what i'm doing too! i've got 5 exams tomorrow and friday. and i'm dying away :P

    good luck with those exams!