Sunday 5 July 2009

of heartbreaks and hotels

almost there.

you graced me with your cold shoulder
whenever you look at me i wish i was here
you showered me with words made of knifes

Saturday 4 July 2009

if you see my friend, doesn't matter where i went, tell me if you see kay

working at H&M is sooo exhausting, and great! i get to see all the clothes and each piece of clothing is going through my hands. i think working with clothes is def. what i want to do, only not as a assistant but as a kinda sorta someone at a magazine maybe? who knows, first i need to get through college:P

im SO obsessed with The Script right now, they are an irish band from dublin (my favorite city in the world, and ive been so blessed because i have already been there three times! and each time was more amazing than the other) and they have these amazing songs, the voice of the singer is so emotional. my favorites from their album The Script are: If you seek Kay, the man who cant be moved and the end where i begin.

sometimes tears say all there is to say
sometimes your first scars will never fade
sometimes we dont learn from our mistakes
trying to break my heart, well its broke
trying to hang me high, well i'm choked
wanna rain on me well i'm soaked
soaked to the skin
its the end where i begin
its the end where i begin

Friday 3 July 2009

Life is a grapefruit, some have one for breakfast.

a few days i went to the music store with my friend and i picked up this amazing cd: day and age-the killers. it is really good, of course we know the massive super hit 'human', but this cd really offers so much more! My favorite song has to be 'i cant stay', it really is how i feel at this moment, i might like 'the world we live in' better tomorrow! haha:P

anyways, yesterday a very important rite of passage happened: i got my diploma (in a terrible official ceremony were you have to stand in front of a lot of people and have your teachers say things about you, thankfully they kept it cool with me:))
i wore a black H&M dress with a bow, my dunnes shoes and a random bag. the best part of the evening was that i got a Guess watch from my mom! i looooveeee it, i will always be able to tell time 100 meters below the water now, how cool is that?

ill snap some photos from the watch and the dress later. now im off to the store, tonight my 3 best friends are coming over to say goodbye to me because i am leaving on a new adventure in 4 days and they wont be seeing me anytime soon!


Wednesday 1 July 2009

haus am see

hello mister sean o'pry.
hot-ness all around. i love gq!