Monday 4 May 2009


2 months ago i went on a short trip to dublin, ireland with my mother. IT WAS AMAZING. i love dublin! i love ireland! the nature, the people (the sales!) it was an incredible little break from everyday-boredom. and i just now realized that i didn't put up any pictures on the blog. so i decided to do it now. i one day really want to return to this amazing city and walk down the streets again, go to trinity college and visit the glendalough national park, untill then ill gaze at the pictures one more time:) i hope you like them too.


  1. cute pictures, especially the bus!! hahah. i went to dublin when i was pretty and green, is all i remember! i live in nyc, so i dont really take little trips there haha.

    absolutely love your header pic!

    please check out mine,

  2. wow great pics i want to being there:)and thank u so much again again for the translation ...u spent so much time for that!!

  3. wow . nice and very great pics :) dublin is cool by the way .