Thursday 22 April 2010

hey jude

Im not sad. Im relieved that its over, it still hurts. Like sometimes i just sit and i think of him and my stomach makes a twist and i feel like i want to cry, but im not gonna cry..hes not worth it. He really wasnt the right person for me, he treated me badly and i didnt really have anything to love HIM for. So a part of me is relieved that its over, another part of me feels so so sad that its over and i wont ever be with him again. I wont ever kiss him again and i wont ever argue with him again. I hope this feeling will go eventually in the next couple of days cause im losing my mind a little now. Just have to bite on my lip and feel it through.

1 comment:

  1. That's how you'll always feel when you break up with somebody, that you can never have that again. But the past isn't that important. You should focus on what's next for you. You did great! :p And I know you'll be better when you get over him.