Tuesday 23 June 2009

Summer in sight.

With only two weeks to go untill i say farewell to my old life, and hello to my new one, i started to think about the future. Thinking about this subject always makes me very nostalgic, i couldnt help but to think about all the wonderfull years i had living with my parents, studying for finals at the dining table eating everything i saw, sitting behind my computer discovering all the wonderful blogs people have and getting up so early it was still dark (in the winter) and riding my bike to school with VERY cold hands. A trip down memory lane if you will, and i kind of felt very sad to leave..i know that my life just began and college is a part of life which must not be missed, but still that fuzzly-butterfly feeling in my stomach did not disappear. Im going to miss my family a lot, my friends and my dear old computer, but in the end its all for the best. Summer, making new friends, having my own place, my own rules and my own life will be better for everyone. And to be honest, i cant wait to live it all!

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