Monday 1 June 2009

1st of June!

After an amazing day at the beach with my friends, drinking desperados, sitting through a LONG ride home on the bus and getting sunburned (but having a blast while doing all of this) i thought nothing could make my day any better, but it actually got! My summer holidays are just 35 days away, and my parents are going to buy my tickets soon!! Very happy. now im going to watch season 2 of weeds and dream of long summerdays at the beach. Wearing ripped shorts and strolling through the beachside boulevard holding a corona in one hand and a cigaret in the other.


  1. Hi Mariam! Thanks for the sweet comment! A day at the beach...what a way to spend your summer! Wished there was a beach near where I am. Have a wonderful summer which I know you will!

  2. Mm a day at the beach would be great. And I love weeds, such a good show. Kate+Pete forever haha. Her style in this era was just sooo good