Wednesday 10 June 2009


this is just a wonderfull day! yesterday was terrible, i hit my pinkie-toe against the door and it hurt!!! i have a huge bruise now on it, so i wasnt feeling too happy about my job interview at h&m today (i wanted to wear heels...:() but against all odds, (wearing my minnetonka's) i was hired at h&m!! im soooo happy, this is truly a dreamjob for me, working with clothes at one of the largest international clothing franchises in the world! still cant believe it! then i went to the library with my best friend and i picked up Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevski) which im going to read now with hot coco in my bed:) its raining, so i dont really have anything to do but waste my time reading books and lying in bed. I think we have some strawberries, so that would be the perfect snack!

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