Friday 3 July 2009

Life is a grapefruit, some have one for breakfast.

a few days i went to the music store with my friend and i picked up this amazing cd: day and age-the killers. it is really good, of course we know the massive super hit 'human', but this cd really offers so much more! My favorite song has to be 'i cant stay', it really is how i feel at this moment, i might like 'the world we live in' better tomorrow! haha:P

anyways, yesterday a very important rite of passage happened: i got my diploma (in a terrible official ceremony were you have to stand in front of a lot of people and have your teachers say things about you, thankfully they kept it cool with me:))
i wore a black H&M dress with a bow, my dunnes shoes and a random bag. the best part of the evening was that i got a Guess watch from my mom! i looooveeee it, i will always be able to tell time 100 meters below the water now, how cool is that?

ill snap some photos from the watch and the dress later. now im off to the store, tonight my 3 best friends are coming over to say goodbye to me because i am leaving on a new adventure in 4 days and they wont be seeing me anytime soon!


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