Monday 19 July 2010

to do, to do

Post-its everywhere, last minute hussle, starbucks capuccino's and too many cigarettes, hurry, hurry, hurry, people everywhere, hot, cold, hot, cold, FREEZING, tears and emotions, anger, dissapointment...home.

my day at the international airport of amsterdam. tommorow i hope i will be able to make my kiev flight. oh ukrainian airlines...why? just, why??

when i DO get there...i need to do some things before im off to my boyfriendos in georgia..(again, the country not the state)

things i really really need to get done there in 6 days.

1. go to the hairdresser!!!!!asap! (30)
2. buy a gift for his little sister (20)
3. wrap (professionally) all gifts i already bought (20)
4. buy some kind of liquor at the airport for parents (50)
5. buy batteries for digital camera (20)
6. buy a clutch (chanel-ish one) (100)

all together: 24 euros...

at last, a picture of me and freddy mercury, that is his wax figure at the madam tusseaud museum in amsterdam.

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